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Gold Coast Barcamp #14

The 14th Gold Coast Barcamp is on at Techspace on Sunday 4th March 2018 from 10am until 4pm. Come along for a day of informal talks

TechSpace Projects

The Mudgeeraba Show App

A few months ago the local Mudgeeraba Show contacted us with a problem: “Help! We need an app!” Volunteers down here at Gold Coast TechSpace got together


Barcamp Gold Coast #13

It’s Barcamp time again! We are running the 13th Gold Coast Barcamp at the (newly renovated) Gold Coast Techspace building in Mudgeeraba. Sunday 5th March,


Hackergrant Project Report: FollowBot

video1: FollowBot overview Overview: The aim of Project FollowBot was to build an autonomous robot that could follow a person around a house. We wanted


Project Armed gets a new base

A nice base was created for Project Armed, providing power and a nice counter balance for the arm to operate.

FollowBot forward/back movement

FollowBot is now moving forward and backwards, tracking the object size and decided what to do. Good progress! And it now has a bumper bar to prevent

FollowBot gets moving eye

Just connected a 2-axis servo mount for the camera. Now the eye can track objects independently of the moving robot base. Good fun!

FollowBot Starts Tracking

The “FollowBot” project comes to life with working left/right object recognition. A combination of Python & C++ running on a Raspberry Pi3 allows this robot to


Rotary encoder

Playing with a rotary encoder. Detecting which way and how fast the knob is turning based on the waveforms. This rotary encoder has a push


The ESPlant from Linux conf

We got our hands on an ESPlant. This was one of the projects at the recent Linux conference. This has: – Temperature sensor – Soil

TechSpace Projects

Building a tank

Has some fun constructing a tank chassis with no instructions.


January Open Night: DMD + Arduino

Here’s a DMD connected to an Arduino with a little laser pointer trip wire. When the laser beam is cut the timer starts. When the

ROBOTICS with Lego Mindstorms

Leaps and Bounds proudly presents the TechGC July School Holiday Science Program. See below for more detail and to register. Gold Coast TechSpace presents ROBOTICS with

Door Opener: Code and Documentation

The Code: Arduino #1: Controls the door. Accepts PIN numbers and RFID keys via HTTP. Checks PIN/RFID keys against MySQL server over HTTP. Code: Arduino

3D printing

3D Copying

At last Sunday’s Sunday hangout, I used my Xbox Kinect, OpenNI drivers and Reconstructme software (on Windows7) to scan my son Leo in 3D. I


RFID + Reprap #2

This Wednesdays meet day (11th April) was a huge success! Started out with a Jelly co-working during the day and ended in the Techspace open

TechSpace Projects

Zoneminder on an old OLPC XO-1

We had a few XO-1’s lying around the techspace, and were in need of a low powered webcam monitoring solution. Why not install Ubuntu on

The Space

Bench Top Installation

Benches and space divider are going in nicely. They look awesome and I cannot wait for it to be completed. More photos on meetup:

Two new tables
The Space

We got two new tables

We just received two new tables for the space. Stay tuned – lots more on the way!


Setting up and kickoff

Sooo… We’re finally in the space, setting up and the kickoff was a blast! Exciting to see so many faces interested! Thanks to all for