Hackergrant Demo Day, Geek Pride Day, Towel Day & Steve’s Birthday

A great evening at TechSpace!

HackerGrant Demonstrations:

We had four project demonstrations tonight:

  • IVAN (In Vehicle Alert & Notification System ): Demonstration of an alarm that goes off if you are approaching a bridge that is to low for your vehicle or trailer.
  • Robot Arm: Sub-milimeter accuracy with this DIY robot arm. It will be playing chess in no time.
  • FollowBot: Tracking a Marker Glyph across the room.
  • Hackable EFI: Custom built Electronic Fuel Injection system for a car. In car dashboard with statistics and graphs. 3D-printed parts running the engine. Awesome job!

More photos in the gallery. Video of the night coming soon.

Steve’s Birthday:

Happy Birthday Steve! Great cake.

IMG_0391 - steve cake


GC Duino Kits

We had a bunch of school students come through and get some assistance with our GC Duino kits. Nice to see the projects they are creating.

Drones and More Hacking


Big thanks to everyone who made tonight happen.