We currently offer two types of membership, a “free” offer for people attending our public events or their first members’ event, and a monthly subscription.

Free Membership: We run events that are free and open to the public several times a year. If you become a free member you can:

  • Attending public events run by the Gold Coast TechSpace
  • Come along to our Open Nights on a Wednesday and see what the space is all about. Ask questions, throw some ideas around and get some inspiration.
  • Tell us the type of technology you are interested in. We may have others already involved in it, at the Space or elsewhere.
  • Please join our meetup group so you can RSVP and attend our open events.
  • Please join our slack channel for regular chat, ask any member for an invite.

Note: After attending 3 Open Nights, you will be automatically sent an invoice to cover your ongoing membership. At this time, you can change from Monthly, to 6 or 12 monthly. Thank You for attending, and hope to have you join us soon, as a fully paid up member.

Full Membership: Access to the TechSpace, tools, facilities and all events. Becoming a paying member gives you:

  • Access to the TechSpace between 7am and 11pm.
    • A keyholder needs to be present to open the Space and also to close it when the last keyholder leaves.
    • You can become a keyholder after a probation period.
  • Use of TechSpace facilities: desks, internet, tools, common-use computers, kitchen, 3D printers.
  • Voting rights at General Meetings including the AGM.

Payment options for full members are:

  • Casual monthly ($25/month inc GST).
  • 6 months for the price of 5 ($125 inc GST).
  • 12 months for the price of 9 ($225 inc GST).

Note: We also run education programs and private events for which notification is posted on We sometimes close the TechSpace to general member visits during these events.

Applications for Membership

To apply for TechSpace membership please follow these steps:

  1. Join the GC TechSpace group on
  2. RSVP and attend one of our Wednesday night events. Introduce yourself (we’re very friendly!) and check out what projects we’re currently working on. Feel free to bring your laptop or projects from home as well.
  3. Read and agree to our Code of Conduct and Model Rules.
  4. You can then enter your Membership Application at
  5. Your application goes to the next committee meeting for approval for membership.
  6. Once membership application has been approved you will receive:
    • An invoice for membership. This can be paid with PayPal or Bank Transfer.
    • Ability to join an induction on how to use the 3D Printers and other equipment.
    • Access to an (optional) website portfolio to share your projects on this website.
  7. After successful probation period of paid membership, and upon committee approval, you will receive:
    • Keycard access to the TechSpace building. We require a copy of your identification for this.