Gold Coast TechSpace is a non-profit club run by members for members. Below you can find all the necessary information about the club membership and associated policies.

New Members Guide

This is a digital version of the new members guide.
This document covers many aspects of our group  and a summary of the information on this page.

Membership Types & Prices

This page explains the types of membership (free & paid) and the prices involved. 

Membership Signup

The page outlines all the steps to follow in order to apply for membership. 

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is a set of guidelines that outline an acceptable standard of behaviour and conduct of all GCTechSpace members and guests whether it be online, in a pub or at the venue.

Model Rules

As an Incorporated Association, Gold Coast Techspace Inc conforms to the following Model Rules, as well as the above Code of Conduct.

Safe Space Policy

Our Safe Space policy describes the environment of inclusivity and safety that we wish to create for people from all walks of life. GCTechSpace aims to be an equitable techspace.

Safety at GCTechSpace

Safety is important at GCTechSpace as it’s hard to hack when injured. This outlines the group’s safety expectations when you use the space.

Site Modification & Electrical Work

This policy details certain rules and procedures around making site modifications or performing electrical work.

Dings, Dispute Resolution and Bans

Bad behaviour at GCTechSpace is unacceptable. By being a part of our community you give up certain freedoms in order for our community to run smoothly.

Tickets (Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Doom)

The ticket system at GCTechSpace is there for members to utilise to help bring some semblance of control to the utter chaos that hackerspaces tend to be.