The ticket system at GCTechSpace is there for members to utilise to help bring some semblance of control to the utter Capital-C Chaos that hackerspaces tend to be. They mostly function to answer the question of ‘who is responsible for this?’, or they give extra important information about the item in question that would otherwise only be communicated verbally.

Parking Permit (Green)

A Parking Permit is required if you wish to leave your project for up to a month on the deskspace at GCTechSpace. It allows everyone to know whom to contact if there is an issue, whether it can be moved, and how long that space is expected to be utilised by the project. Items requiring longer than a month need a blog post to be made about them as they are clearly that awesome.

Project Invitation (Blue)

Project Invitation slips are a way of publicising whom is the contact point to help out with a large project, such as the vending machine and the gigantoprinter. They're a good way for a newbie to get involved and know who to talk to. They also signify projects where input is encouraged.

Borked or Broken (Orange)

Sometimes equipment breaks, or even sometimes it is partially functional. Borked or Broken tickets indicate if this tool should not be used, or if it can be used but has some unexpected quirks, such as a dead channel on an oscilloscope.

Parking Ticket (Red)

A Parking Ticket is a 2 week grace period warning that the item(s) in question are not stored in an appropriate manner, and if the owner does not rectify, the items may be donated, trashed or similar. Parking Permits are not applied to items in 'shared work space' areas. See Doom Shelves.

Doom Shelves

Any item that is found unattended for longer than an hour in an area demarcated as a 'shared work space' at GCTechSpace that is not identifiable as GCTechSpace Property (Has a GCTechSpace Owned/Donated Sticker on it) or does not have a valid green parking permit may be relocated to the Doom Shelves at will. GCTechSpace Tools should not be left on Shared Working spaces, they should be restored to their designated homes. Items entering the Doom Shelves MUST be photographed and the photograph sent to the membership so that the item's owner has been reasonably notified. After 2 weeks in the Doom Shelves, the items may be donated, trashed or similar.