Wednesday Night TOURS

Come on down and have a tour, second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Located in the Old Post Office on the main street of Mudgeeraba. Starts at 7:30pm.
Bring your laptop and any projects from home.

About Us

Gold Coast TechSpace is an open, community based, hackerspace/makerspace, learning centre and pre-incubator focussing on technology. We exist to promote technology on the Gold Coast by providing a real location where people of all ages and experience can get together to help each other, learn tech, develop innovative tech, and ultimately for some to commercialise the tech products that they develop.

Jelly Co-Working

Working together is more fun! We catch up on Fridays to work from the Gold Coast TechSpace. 

We have a group lunch a the park or at a local restaurant. 

Bring your laptop, join the wifi, and enjoy working surrounded by a wealth of knowledge.

Member Projects

Our members are always working on interesting projects. 

These occasionally make their way over to the blog. Check it out for some photos and inspiration on your own projects.

Become a member

It’s free to attend our Wednesday open nights. However to make the full use of our space and support the community please consider becoming a full member.