Reprap Build Day & Ardunio Door Opener

A successful build day on the reprap and we learnt quite a bit about arduinos.

Reprap 3D Printer:

All the electronics are finished (good job John!), the motors have arrived and it’s taking shape into a very nice looking printer.

Next up will be to mount the motors, drive belts, print bed and the heated head. Getting close now!

Ardunio + Garage Door Opener:

Having very little electronics experience and never programmed an arduino before this task actually seemed quite daunting.

With little assistance we managed to program the arduino, hook up a relay and connect it to the garage door opener. We could communicate with the arduino using a perl script over usb, and after hooking that up to a mini website we could control the garage door by simply clicking a button in the browser. Progress!

Next step is to setup the ethernet enabled arduino so we can communicate directly to it over ethernet rather than usb.

We also have an android app in development that we can use to eventually communicate with this arduino.