3D Copying

Stop copying me

At last Sunday’s Sunday hangout, I used my Xbox Kinect, OpenNI drivers and Reconstructme software (on Windows7) to scan my son Leo in 3D. I used the low-res scanning module, because my latop computer can’t really handle the hi res mode.

Then I used Meshlab to do a Poisson recontruction of the mesh which fixes any holes and makes the mesh a closed solid that is printable. I was in a hurry so I did a fairly low-res reconstruction that blurred details, but I was still happy with the result.

Then I used Blender to flatten the bottom of the mesh, because the Poisson reconstruction made the bottom quite rounded and therefore not great for printing. I also scaled it in Blender to a size that I thought would print in the ~ 1 hour I had left.

Then I used Cura (used to be called SkeinPyPy, a nicely packaged version of the Skeinforge slicer) to slice the model, and then printed the gcode file with Printrun on my Ultimaker 3D printer.

Here’s a video:


(Gavin Metzler)