Our HackerGrant projects are built by our members. A big thank you to Advance Queensland for sponsoring the purchase of parts for these projects.

Hackergrant has a mascot

Our wonderful HackerGrant program now has a logo and a mascot. Designed by the awesome Julianne Powell – it’s a native Australian Numbat (with a very spanner-like, hackerspace appropriate head!). Jules calls him the spannery Numbat – but if anyone has any suggested names for him/her – please reply to this post. HackerGrant II is […]

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Hackergrant II Request for Submissions

After the extremely successful Gold Coast Techspace Hackergrant program that was run in the early part of 2016, Ian Sampson and David Baker are running another one kicking off on Wednesday August 24th for 12 weeks. Steve has stepped back this time so he can take part as a participant! The idea of the grant […]

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HackerGrant Project Report: Armed

Overview The aim of project armed was to build an accurate miniature Robotic arm with machine vision based of the ABB industrial PalletPack robots, with the ability to attach different tools and apply it to different tasks. I initially designed the Arm to be built using readily available tools. You can find and follow the […]

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Hackergrant Project Report: FollowBot

Overview: The aim of Project FollowBot was to build an autonomous robot that could follow a person around a house. We wanted to build a prototype while investigate current autonomous robot tracking technologies and limitations. An autonomous tracking robot could have many uses, including: Search and rescue. Following you with your luggage through an airport. […]

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HackerGrant Project Report: I.V.A.N. In Vehicle Alarm & Notification

Overview Every year, around the world, vehicles of all shapes and sizes are travelling our motorways, tollways, interstates, or just local streets.  Over these roadways, many overpasses and bridges, span the traffic below.  Most bridges have signs on them, clearly stating the clearance height.  A calculation of whether the vehicle you are driving, is higher […]

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Hackergrant Demo Day, Geek Pride Day, Towel Day & Steve’s Birthday

A great evening at TechSpace! HackerGrant Demonstrations: We had four project demonstrations tonight: IVAN (In Vehicle Alert & Notification System ): Demonstration of an alarm that goes off if you are approaching a bridge that is to low for your vehicle or trailer. Robot Arm: Sub-milimeter accuracy with this DIY robot arm. It will be playing […]

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