Hackergrant II Request for Submissions

After the extremely successful Gold Coast Techspace Hackergrant program that was run in the early part of 2016, Ian Sampson and David Baker are running another one kicking off on Wednesday August 24th for 12 weeks. Steve has stepped back this time so he can take part as a participant!

The idea of the grant is get real stuff done – can be business, art, hobby or education.

We have about $6,000 to allocate to:

  • lots of projects that might be under $100 or up to $1000
  • some people might like to club together to do a BIG collaborative project that many could work on and contribute to

Applications are made on the Gold Coast TechSpace #hackergrant slack channel at http://gctechspace.slack.com. If you are a member of TechSpace you should have access to this. If you don’t have access, please ask one of us on a Wednesday night open night.

To create a new application go to ‘…’ (top right), Your Files and create a new post in the HackerGrant channel. Include the following headings

  • Project Champion
  • Who else will be involved
  • Description
  • Shopping List (parts and services,cost and where from)

Applications in by Friday August 19th please. To apply and take part you must be a Gold Coast TechSpace member.

How it will work

  • We give you 50% of the project funds as a grant. We reimburse for everything (apart from your time)
  • You go and do your project over the course of 12 weeks – please use the TechSpace facilities. Many people work on their projects on Wednesday nights, please collaborate and help each other out.
  • You come and present (whether successful or a failure) at the close of the 12 week period and submit a short project report (either written or video).
  • We publish your story on the TechSpace website to help publicize our awesome community.
  • On completion of presentation and report, we’ll reimburse you the remaining 50% of funds.
  • All work belongs to you, TechSpace takes no ownership in any of the ideas or project created. We are happy to display and use your project at the TechSpace though if it’s suitable.

Here are some good examples of project reports from last time:

Theme for Hacker Grant II

Hacker Grant I didn’t have a theme, but Hacker Grant II is partially funded by a sponsor it will have a theme of

“Health and Wellness in the Workplace”

If you don’t have an idea – we have a few pre-baked ones that have been submitted by our partners that we will provide on the channel. If you have an idea that you need feedback on – feel free to discuss it in the #hackergrant channel.

AWS Activate for Startups

Eligible ideas are also able to apply for Amazon Web Service Activate credits – please ask Steve Dalton for more details on AWS Activate program.

Issuing of Grants

These are “Gifts” – not taxable in the hands of individuals:


Other amounts that are not taxable. Generally, you do not have to declare:

rewards or small gifts such as cash birthday presents (however, gifts may be taxable if they are large amounts or you receive them as part of a business-like activity or in relation to your income-earning activities as an employee or contractor).”