Hackergrant II Project Report -Pi Arcade Machine

The Project: Build a multiplayer Pi powered arcade machine that allows people to relieve stress by socialising and engrossing themselves in a digital universe temporarily.

The Build: The frame was made from 4 sheets of 1800mm x 600mm x16mm mdf and some pine for the feet and to hold the monitor to the frame. It was cut using a circular and compound mitre saw. Its held together with pva glue and some nails. It was then coated with some white primer.

  • The Hardware:
    An old dell monitor was stripped of its case and re-purposed as the display of the arcade.
  • A raspberry pi 3 was used as the brains, loaded with Raspbian with RetroPie sitting on top. Retropie is a program compiled of a bunch of emulators tied together with a nice gui to help with navigation. Plus there’s supportive community around it. This allows a large variety of games from all different platforms to be played.
  • I used a cheap arcade controller kit I found on eBay.
  • Some old speakers were scavenged from gcts and literally hot glued to the inside.
  • A simple power board was mounted on the inside of the frame and all power plugs were hot glued in place.

Bill of materials here