The Arduino is an Open-source electronic prototyping platform that allows you to easily create interactive electronic objects. This is a picture of an Arduino. They come in all shapes and sizes. More information can be found here:

Also be sure to check out the GCDuino – our very own Arduino compatible microprocessor built here on the Gold Coast.

HackerGrant Project Report: Armed

Overview The aim of project armed was to build an accurate miniature Robotic arm with machine vision based of the ABB industrial PalletPack robots, with the ability to attach different tools and apply it to different tasks. I initially designed the Arm to be built using readily available tools. You can find and follow the […]

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Announcing the Smart Tech Discovery Education Program – January 2015

The Smart Tech Discovery Education Program launched! Gold Coast TechSpace is pleased to launch the “Smart Tech Discovery Education Program” today. This program is the result of our Smart Tech Discovery Education Project, whereby several TechSpace members, inspired by past successful past education sessions that a few members have run, have designed a set of education […]

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Review of Marcus Schappi Crowd-funding event

Silicon Beach & Gold Coast TechSpace were proud to host an event with Marcus Schappi on 27th June at the One 50 Public house in Bundall. The event was sponsored by the City of Gold Coast as part of their visiting entrepreneurs programme and I am very proud of the fact we were able to […]

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Doers not talkers

It has been over two months since the last post here. There is a good reason for that. It is not because we have died away. In fact it is quite the opposite.

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January Open Night: DMD + Arduino

Here’s a DMD connected to an Arduino with a little laser pointer trip wire. When the laser beam is cut the timer starts. When the laser beam is cut again it records a “split”. After 6 splits it will stop the timer and start again. When the arduino boots it gives you 10 seconds to […]

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Arduino SIG started

This SIG first met 2nd January 2013. A key focus is to create relatively simple, interesting and fun projects with WOW factor to display at the Gold Coast Show in August/September 2013. By the end of our 2nd meeting on the 9th we have tentatively 5 projects that we are individually and collectively working on. […]

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Door Opener: Code and Documentation

The Code: Arduino #1: Controls the door. Accepts PIN numbers and RFID keys via HTTP. Checks PIN/RFID keys against MySQL server over HTTP. Code: Arduino #2: Controls the RFID reader. Passes any read RFID keys to Arduino #1 for processing. Code: PHP/MySQL: Stores the PIN numbers and RFID keys and all the logs of when […]

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