Announcing the Smart Tech Discovery Education Program – January 2015

The Smart Tech Discovery Education Program launched!

Smart Tech Discovery logoGold Coast TechSpace is pleased to launch the “Smart Tech Discovery Education Program” today.
This program is the result of our Smart Tech Discovery Education Project, whereby several TechSpace members, inspired by past successful past education sessions that a few members have run, have designed a set of education sessions, based on their collective knowledge and expertise. Most of the sessions are in a “workshop” style, whereby in true TechSpace makerspace/hackerspace fashion, we encourage “hands-on” learning and creativity.

This represents a progression of our past school holiday “Discovery Workshops” and our fortnightly “Kid Hack” weekend workshops, run mainly by our President Steve Dalton, and Paul Breuker, with additional help from Rod Christian, David Froemel, David Tangye and Peter Caelli. The intention with the Smart Tech Discovery Education Program is to put our education sessions onto a more sustainable footing, and formalise them into a more high quality and repeatable program.

The sessions are designed entirely by Techspace members, in close collaboration to best ensure the program covers our domain of expertise, with cross-reference points throughout the program. Each session will be delivered by one member (or a pair), independent of TechSpace, whose name will appear on the appropriate booking page on Sticky Tickets.

The January 2015 program is set to run between 10th and 24th. It comprises almost 20 sessions, ranging from 1 hour duration to a day, and in cost from $20 to $250. Some sessions are in a series, and some are suggested as prerequisite to later sessions in the program.

More: see the master page for all details.