Arduino SIG started

This SIG first met 2nd January 2013. A key focus is to create relatively simple, interesting and fun projects with WOW factor to display at the Gold Coast Show in August/September 2013.

By the end of our 2nd meeting on the 9th we have tentatively 5 projects that we are individually and collectively working on.

  1. Finish line camera: a project in 3 parts:
    1. to receive input from a sensor at a finish line, and output a signal to fire a camera
    2. to display the photo finish on a large display
    3. to store the start time as well, and compute and display the winners time
  2. A PCB drill: Essentially a simplified Reprap print job, but in 2D. Use an Aduino to control a drill to print/drill a set of holes on PCBs
  3. A replica/drop-in replacement for our own RFID and smartphone activated door security system
  4. “Thing Turns On”: a robot (in the form of a hand, like “Thing” from the Adams Family) that will find a button walk to it and press the button. We have not decided what this will turn on yet.
  5. Phil’s “Wooden Work”. A 4 button USB powered Arduino driven 7 segment LED display, encased in a block of timber, that displays temperature and time.

More details will be recorded on our Arduino Project wiki page as we progress.