RFID + Reprap #2

This Wednesdays meet day (11th April) was a huge success! Started out with a Jelly co-working during the day and ended in the Techspace open

TechSpace Projects

Zoneminder on an old OLPC XO-1

We had a few XO-1’s lying around the techspace, and were in need of a low powered webcam monitoring solution. Why not install Ubuntu on

The Space

Bench Top Installation

Benches and space divider are going in nicely. They look awesome and I cannot wait for it to be completed. More photos on meetup:

Two new tables
The Space

We got two new tables

We just received two new tables for the space. Stay tuned – lots more on the way!


Setting up and kickoff

Sooo… We’re finally in the space, setting up and the kickoff was a blast! Exciting to see so many faces interested! Thanks to all for

First Meetup

Our last meeting at the McCafe went great, was an excellent meet and greet and good to finally put solid faces to names. Alot of