First Meetup

Our last meeting at the McCafe went great, was an excellent meet and greet and good to finally put solid faces to names. Alot of positive interest towards setting up an official space was expressed and voila! we are on our way!

Aiming for key handover to the space the week of 16-22nd Oct 2011, hopefully by mid to late week we should be able to start getting gear in.

Donations to deck out the space are welcome – as mentioned by Matt, keep an eye out in the paper for anything cool like industrial fans etc, although the more FREE the better! Also tender centers are a great place for office furniture, just go put ridiculous bids on every office desk you find till you win one for like 20 bucks.

Any ideas on layout or setup are also encouraged, Steve had a great idea with a common central conference table in the middle of the warehouse & work spaces along the outer walls. Also hanging power access sockets from above.

A big thanks to Nick Byrne with his essential help in the organising of the physical space itself and agent/owner details etc. Also appreciation for Steve’s people skills and motivation, it was our sparkplug, Matthew for his work with the VPS & our DocuWiki & Thanks to the key members for getting together and supporting this.

Looking forward to our first official meet :!: