The GCDuino is an Arduino Uni compatible microcontroller designed and produced on the Gold Coast.

The GCDuino Starter Kit includes everything you need start building projects of your own. You don’t need any previous programming, electronics or soldering experience. Everything is ready to quickly immerse you in the exciting world of micro controllers.

GCDuino.com is run and maintained by Skip Christian & Steve Dalton. It is a project envisaged at Gold Coast TechSpace whilst Skip & Steve were working on secluded.io.

The PCB’s and kits are all designed by us and assembled in Australia.

Here is a list of possible projects you can create with the GCDuino Kit.

Hackergrant Demo Day, Geek Pride Day, Towel Day & Steve’s Birthday

A great evening at TechSpace! HackerGrant Demonstrations: We had four project demonstrations tonight: IVAN (In Vehicle Alert & Notification System ): Demonstration of an alarm that goes off if you are approaching a bridge that is to low for your vehicle or trailer. Robot Arm: Sub-milimeter accuracy with this DIY robot arm. It will be playing […]

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