Hackergrant II Project Report – SaladBar

By Skip Xtian 63% of employees eat two or less daily servings of fruits/vegetables, the lack of which contributes to gastro­intestinal problems according to medical experts. Being able to have readily available fresh fruit and veg throughout an office building that staff can pick and eat when they walk by would greatly improve all employee’s […]

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Review of Marcus Schappi Crowd-funding event

Silicon Beach & Gold Coast TechSpace were proud to host an event with Marcus Schappi on 27th June at the One 50 Public house in Bundall. The event was sponsored by the City of Gold Coast as part of their visiting entrepreneurs programme and I am very proud of the fact we were able to […]

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Gold Coast TechSpace Presidents Report 2013-2014

2013-2014 was my second year as President and this was really the year where TechSpace flourished from an idea into something that can make a real impact on people’s lives. Our year started at our new location in Nind St, Southport. We missed the space of the shed in Johnson St but it sure was […]

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