Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open?

We are open Wednesday evening (6pm-9pm) to the general public. Full time members also have 24-7 access to the space. You are welcome to come in an have a chat if a member is at the space and the door is open.

Do you do guided workshops?

We are mainly an area for self-learning and exploration, however we do workshops on specific areas from time to time. Head to our Meetups page for information on the current workshops planned and in progress.

Do you allow younger people to join?

We do allow younger people to join, but please keep in mind that we do not do guided lessons (outside of workshops). If your child wants to participate, they are more than welcome, but we recommend that are parent comes with them to the space and joins in. Full memberships allow an adult to bring a child with them to the space (several of our members bring children), on the understanding that children are looked after by their parent.

Members are responsible for their own safety when in the space, even younger members.

How are you funded?

We are funded by our members, and also by our gracious sponsors.

Can you build something for us?

Members are welcome to do work, including paid work, using the resources of the TechSpace (as long as this otherwise fits in our agreement). In that light, you are welcome to make a specific agreement with members of the space, but the TechSpace has no interest or liability in that agreement.

Isn’t hacking illegal?

We don’t do hacking in the “computer security” sense, which is breaking into computer systems. We use the word “hack” in its original sense – to break something open, change how it works, and make it do new things.

The most illegal thing we do (which isn’t illegal) is to void warranties.

Does TechSpace allow other groups to use the space?

Yes, other groups that align with our principles are welcome to contact us about hosting a Meetup here.
These Meetups are not considered as being part of TechSpace. Individuals attending these events are looked after by the organisers and have to adhere to all of our policies.

This sounds great – how can I help?

Individuals can help by becoming a member and participating in the community!