WordPress Tutorials

Quick Tips:

  • Change top menu: Appearance > Menu
  • Change footer columns is in two areas: Appearance > Theme Options > Layout > Footer and also Appearance > Widgets.

How to add a new sponsor logo:

How to add a new member invoice:


Adding a new Blog Post:

Adding a blog post to this website is easily done through WordPress.

  1. Attend a TechSpace meetup and get your own WordPress username / password ( ask Dave or Steve )
  2. Go to https://gctechspace.org/wp-admin and login with your username / password
  3. Click Posts > Add New
  4. Enter a title at the top (e.g. “My Cool Project”)
  5. Type some text into the big content area below.
  6. To upload a photo into the content area click the “Add Media” button (just below title) then choose the “Upload” tab. Once the photo is uploaded you can choose what size (medium is good) and click the “Insert” button.
  7. Choose the “Post Type” on the right hand side. The “Standard” or “Video” options are the ones that work well.
    1. Standard: If you have a big photo for your post choose this option.
    2. Video: upload your video to youtube or vimeo. Copy your video URL and paste it as the very first thing in the category page.
  8. On the right hand side choose the “TechSpace Projects” category.
  9. Click Publish

Renewing SSL Certificate

  1. Login to wpengine: https://my.wpengine.com/installs/gctechspace1
  2. Click SSL on left
  3. Click on gctechspace.org certificate
  4. Click View CSR
  5. Go to https://gethttpsforfree.com/
  6. Enter [email protected]
  7. Grab public key from my letsencrypt private key: dtbaker@laptop:~$ openssl rsa -in work/gctechspace/account.key -pubout
  8. Paste public key into website
  9. Click validate account
  10. Paste wpengine CSR into website, click validate.
  11. Run the “Sign API Requests” commands, be sure to use my private key work/gctechspace/account.key
  12. Click validate.
  13. Run Verify Ownership command.
  14. Choose “option 2 – file based”
  15. (this file and content should already exist, it didn’t change last time, just click verify)
  16. Go back to wpengine and click Upload SSL Certificate
  17. Copy & paste generated certificate in here (Cert followed by Intermediate into the same box) and click Notify Support
  18. WPEngine will verify and install SSL Certificate for us