Vale Arthur Hartwig and thank-you for the Electronics.

Arthur Hartwig
Arthur Hartwig, Gold Coast Software Engineer and Electronics Hobbyist

A friend of TechSpace, Warwick Hunter delivered a large collection of electronic hobbyist kits this week that belonged to his friend Arthur Hartwig, who recently passed away.

Arthur was a software engineer who worked for DEC, Compaq and Nokia on the Gold Coast and had a keen interest in Electronics. While I didn’t personally know Arthur, I am sure he would have been very at home with us at TechSpace and we are extremely grateful to the kind and very useful donation.

A wide variety of kits were donated – many from Dick Smiths Electronics from back when they actually sold hobbyist gear! Some are particularly interesting and some quite old such as a DSE Theramin kit and FM transmitters, with funny instuctions mentioning streaming CDs to walkmans!

The kits have already been put to good use in our Saturday kidhack club, where we introduce kids of all ages and skills to the joy of hobbyist electronics and maker culture.

DSE Theramin kit being assembled at Kidhack
DSE Theramin kit being assembled at Kidhack

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Arthur’s family for the donation.

Arthur: your hobby lives on at Techspace and in the next generation of hardware hackers.

Steve Dalton
President, Gold Coast TechSpace