Our Favourite Podcasts

PodcastlogoPodcasts are brilliant – especially if you have a commute. It turns useless time into a learning opportunity!

Many of our members listen to podcasts, but many don’t know about them so I am posting some of our favorites here.

If you have any more good ones that are tech/engineering based that I should know about – please comment or let me know (steve at gctechspace dot org) and I will post them here!

  • The Amp Hour (http://www.theamphour.com). Dave Jones of the EEVBlog and Chris Gammell of Contextual Electronics talk about all thing Electronics. Great comedy between the 2 co-hosts and some amazing guests. Go back and listen to the entire back catalog, there is something for everyone.
  • Embedded (http://embedded.fm). Elicia White and her hubby Chris White talk to a variety of guests (and sometimes themselves!) about all things Embedded Software Engineering (Elicia also loves gadgets and I get a shout out in episode 50!)
  • STEAM Powerered Podcast (http://steampowerpodcast.com). Quite a new one. Engineer Mike Parkes does a great job of covering all news stories in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. He also does video and is starting to have guests. Some great advice for young people just getting started.
  • The Engineering Commons Podcast (http://theengineeringcommons.com). Great cross-cutting Engineering podcast, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. Quite a bit of talk about Engineering Education that is also quite relevant to Australia.
  • The Reckoner Podcast (http://reckoner.com.au/category/podcast). Australian Independent Tech Journos talk about all the local happenings. Good for a laugh and very well informed.

You can also listen to my own podcast http://sixdegreespodcast.com if you like, but we haven’t recorded an episode in some time. One day we may get it going again!

Those with Android phone who are looking for a good podcast catcher app, I’d highly recommend BeyondPod.