KidHack & Mum’s Electronics/Programming Workshops

Some new things Gold Coast Techspace have started:


We’ve been running Minecraft LAN parties at the TechSpace every couple of weeks for sometime now. We also have a lot of interest from people here on Saturdays in our 3D Printers and other electronics. This coupled with the need for people attending Discovery workshops to have a place they can return to for help has led us to expand the event out into a generic “KidHack” event.

We’ll have Minecraft as usual in the normal room, but will also open up next-door for any kids that want to come along with their Arduino & Robotics projects and get more help. If they want to play with anything else we have at Techspace (such as the Lego Mindstorms or get things 3D printed) that is also ok.

To RSVP to the next event and see future events, please register here

There is a charge of $15 for 2 hours from 10am-12pm. We all have working-with-children bluecards so you can leave the kids and go get a coffee if you like.

Mums Electronics and Programming workshops

A lot of kids that come to the discovery workshops are dropped off by their mums. A common thread we see is that Mums would really like to know a bit more so they can help their kids when they get stuck. This might be something just as simple as knowing what to search for on Google.

So – we are going to try and run a workshop for Mums. I have posted the proposed details on our meetup site

Please have a read and send any feedback on the workshop content or suitable times to [email protected]

We have no times in mind for this at the moment – would prefer it to be in the week (we can even do during the day). The charge for this will be $20 for 2 hours, but if people want more time we are happy to be flexible and accommodate.