2014 Gold Coast Science and Tech Fair – Hack’nShow

Create/hack some cool tech. Show it at the Gold Coast Science & Tech Fair 15-16 August 2014, at Broadwater Parklands, Southport. Register below to be eligible for prizes in either the ‘school students’ section, or as a member of the public, in each of these judging categories (The judges will be able to make multiple awards within these categories.):

  • Most imaginative, useful or cool re-use of trashed tech
  • Most imaginative, useful or cool home-created/hacked product
  • Most imaginative, useful or cool school-created/hacked product
  • Most imaginative, or cool tech that is useful in daily life
  • Greatest positive environmental impact in a school or home-created/hacked product
  • Longest distance travelled by a vehicle powered by a single mobile phone battery (The distance travelled will be divided by the rated capacity of the battery used)
  • Most useful high or low-tech device for the elderly or infirm
  • Most imaginative (“strange” / outlandish) tech
  • Best tech based on a 555 timer
  • Best tech based on a GCDuino or Arduino
  • Best tech based on a GCDuiNode

Conditions of Entry
To be eligible for prizes (which are generously sponsored by the City of Gold Coast):

  1. Please register using the form presented below, filled out correctly.
  2. Then enter the details of your exhibit on the Exhibit page, by 8pm 15th August.
  3. Points are awarded for presentation of the entry, including a description of approximately 100 words to accompany the entry. We will have you supply us the text a couple of days before show.
  4. In the student section, Gold Coast students gain extra points for showing and demonstrating their creation onstage at the Gold Coast Science and Tech Fair on Friday 15th August, or Saturday 16th at 11am if your school is not attending.
  5. Entries must be available from 9am to 3pm Saturday 16th August in the Gold Coast TechSpace Hack’nShow marquee.
  6. Judging at 1pm in the Hack’nShow marquee. Judges’ decision is final.

Interested in creating/hacking up some tech??

  • Please register here from 1st July 2014.
  • Please ensure that your email address is correct. Further information will be sent via email.
  • You will also have the opportunity to visit TechSpace Sunday 10th August where some TechSpace tech experts might give you some helpful advice with your tech.

Enquiries: [email protected]