GC TechSpace at GovHack 2013

You might have seen on the news that GovHack 2013was run nationally over the weekend. The state capitals and also the Gold Coast had teams compete to create the best software applications based on government data. This was a big opportunity for open source and open data activists to help prise data out of closed government data repositories, and also to help promote the Gold Coast as a great place for software business to operate. Gold Coast TechSpace fully supported this event, as its aims fully coincide with our own. The event was held at the Robina Community Centre, hosted by our brethren Silicon Lakes group, whose key focus is to promote software technology and business startups and opportunities on the Gold Coast.

GovHack 2013 Start
GovHack 2013 Start

We had Gold Coast TechSpace members in 4 of the 7 Gold Coast teams. There were about 60 team participants, mentors and observers at our event, from a total of about 700 nationally, so it seems that we had a substantial and very visible presence nationally. There were about $170,000 of prizes nationally, of which Gold Coast teams were eligible for about $50,000. Judging for most of the prizes will be conducted from today until Thursday. ***YOU CAN HELP** our teams win prizes by taking a look at the entries and voting. The Gold Coast teams with GC TechSpace members were:

  1. Local Lookout: Led by our President Steve Dalton.
  2. Miggy: included Steve Davis in the team
  3. Open Data Correlator: included Alan Murtagh in the team
  4. Ken Frick did a great job as a one-man team. His presentation of his application was remarkable for a single-person entry. His app is not yet on the website.
In addition, Andrew Dore from our Gold Coast Linux User Group was in the MoneyShot team.

To vote for a team it appears that we need to –

  1. Sign up/register
  2. Choose your (favourite Gold Coast) teams and after marvelling at their entry click on all the star ratings (the flaming icons, mate!) for each prize at the bottom of the team’s page.