Great turnout for Gold Coast MakerCamp 1

MakerCamp1 24/03/2013
MakerCamp1 24/03/2013
Our first Makercamp attracted over 30 people over the course of the day. At the start of the day, we began runnning this event somewhat along the lines of a Barcamp. Attendees introduced themselves and their tech interests and current tech hobbies, including:

  • Rockets
  • Raspberry Pi as an XBMC server
  • Flood Watch
  • Home automation and Home theatre
  • CNC machines & 3d printers (several people mentioned these: Repraps, Makerbots, & Deltabots)
  • Medical technology support
  • Several other Arduino-based projects, including Chris’s POV (persistence of vision) was one of several projects demoed
  • A few quadcopters were shown

In true Barcamp style, the event ran itself along informal lines after a couple of hours, as people gravitated towards what projects they were most interested in.

Tomasz Andraszek has written a nice blog post about it.

See some pics on the Meetup page.

We expect to have similar projects and more at our Hardware Freedom Day event, on 20th April.

Many thanks to our sponsors for this event: