Pallet Racking: We have storage

Following our successful Ipledg campaign, where over $1500 was raised towards alleviating our storage issue, we have now bought and set up a significant amount of pallet racking.

We were fortunate to find a cheaper 2m high racking at Lloyds Auctions, and bought these for about half what our intended, slightly more solid, 2.5m racking would have cost. We therefore will be able to use the balance of the funds to also purchase some lockers for individual and group project useage. This will be of immense additional benefit, as it will lead to more of our members’ tools and parts feeling comfortable to bring in some of their more valuable tools, and parts and be able to leave these onsite.

The racking has been set up in three areas.

This area is to be for Tech Trash Recycling, hopefully by the new “Gold Coast Tech Trash, Reuse and Recycling Group” that we are in the process of setting up this month. (edit: We did not get much response for this group, so it was shelved after one meeting.)
Half of this racking is temporarily storing boxes of shoes! After the shoes are gone, it will house both members’ own storage boxes and common project boxes. The other half currently has all sorts of “stuff” stored there, including some of the hardware components that will be used for our “Open Source Software Lab”.
These racks will have reclaimed, hopefully free, shelving material added as soon as we find it. It will be used for housing usable computer hardware, and finished electronics projects.