3D Printing Team: Call for members

We need a team of committed people that will turn up to meetings, take an active role in building and (very importantly) documenting the build of the next 2 repraps (Mindy and Vader). We want these 2 to be built in a way that we gain the confidence and skills that will allow us to maintain them in good order without having to call Triffid up from NNSW every time we have a problem. We love Triffid – but it’s a long way for him!

All members are invited to the build days but I also believe we need a core team that will take ownership of the printers.

So if you are interested, please email me (steve at gctechspace dot org) back and I will add you to the Reprap page on the wiki (or add yourself!)

Updates on parts gathering:

  • Steppers and Hotends are in the mail (including new Hotend for Mork)
  • Dave Baker has purchased some metalwork
  • Sanguinololu boards ordered from Triffid

The rest of the parts are fairly easy to get. We are short on a few printed parts for Mindy (#2) – so we will probably be printing these while we build Darth (#3)