Meetings and Events

Regular meetings are held at the Gold Coast TechSpace.

All our upcoming meetings and events are on our Gold Coast TechSpace group’s page at Please join and our group there. It is very helpful if you RSVP on Meetup when you are coming to meetings.

New members or curious visitors are more than welcome to attend the following:

  • Open Midweek Evening Meeting: Held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:00pm.
  • Weekly Open Sunday Afternoon Hangout: Held every Sunday afternoon. Visitors are welcome to drop in from noon until 2pm. Look on our webcams to check that we are here, and not running late to open up.

Events and other Members Meetings:
From time to time we run events or big group projects. In addition, when any three members co-ordinate to meet for a single purpose, their proposed meeting is automatically notified through our Meetup website and also appears here. Our members and the public can keep in touch with what activities we are engaged in at any time. Members can drop down and join in, or get involved remotely via IRC, Skype or Google Hangouts.

Committee Meeting:
These meetings are held at least four times a year, mainly to approve new members and sub-committee reports, and create and retire sub-committees. Most ‘committee’ work is done by sub-committees.

We are happy to host other related groups’ meetings run by our members.