Regular Wednesday Meet + Advance Queensland Startup Chat

This week we will have special guests from Advance Queensland in attendance from 6pm – 8pm. The team will be on site to answer your questions about available grants and programs to help your startup or small business succeed. 

This is a great opportunity for anybody with a startup, small business or just an idea.

This is our main weekly meeting for TechSpace members and guests to work on their projects or come learn a new skill.

This meeting is open to guests. To become a full TechSpace member please see our separate Membership page on the website.

It is not a talk fest: members are usually working on projects, either alone, working with someone else, or demoing something to the group. If there is a theme for the week, someone in the group might go off to the side and present something or lead a study group.

This meeting is open to all, but if you have already been to TechSpace a few times though, it’s good etiquette to apply to be a member. Please refer to “Membership” Web page for more details.