Beginners Electronics for Mums

Please purchase your entry ticket at our new Kid Hack website located here:

A lot of kids that come to our Kid Hack sessions on the weekends are dropped off by their mums. A common thread we see is that Mums would really like to know a bit more so they can help their kids when they get stuck. This might be something just as simple as knowing what to search for on Google.

We ran this workshop some time ago and it was very successful, so now that we a have a better venue, we would like to try again. At present, we are thinking of running the basic electronics class that we ran before. We’ll cover the following:

• learn about basic principles of electronics (practical workshop using the first few exercises in our successful GCDuino kit)

• what each of the components do

• how to use a power supply, multi-meter and soldering iron 

• safety

• where to find out more information when you get stuck

• how to find components on Ebay, Aliexpress and other sources

Cost is $15 each (you must pre-book to attend).