Gold Coast Show: another hugely successful event!

Following our success at the Science Fair a few weeks earlier, we are happy to find that we were able to build o what we learned there, and present an even better exhibit at the Gold Coast Show.

The Show was held over 3 full days, starting for us at 7am and ending at 8pm. However, we had a full roster of members to spread the workload, so the entire event went off relatively effortlessly for us.

Like the Science Fair, we had a constant stream of visitors, from before the gates were open (other exhibitors dropping in), until closing time each night. Once again, the 3D printers were a big drawcard, but we had several other exhibits that attracted, including –

  • the Minecraft computer game running on a Raspberry Pi,
  • many examples of 3D printed pieces (Minecraft pieces were a spcial hit with kids),
  • simple home-made electric slide guitars,
  • the Lego Mindstorms Rubic’s Cube solver,
  • the useless machine,
  • robots in the making,
  • working Arduino projects, and also Freetronics Arduino boards and kits for sale,
  • a high definition camera and a web interface running on Raspberry Pi’s,

We took several dozen enquiries for various areas of interest. There continues to be strong interest in workshops in a few aspects of tech, like electronics, and open source and micro-computing, especially school holiday programs for children. We will add these contacts to those taken during the Science Fair. We will then start contacting these lists via email with the sorts of follow-up events requested.

We got a few dozen pics and posted them on Meetup.