Wednesday SIG night – highly productive members’ meetings

Every week the members’ SIG night get more productive. We have completed a few projects by now, and everyone is very busy with more new ones. Most are being worked on by 2 or 3 members, so most present are working on more than one project. We all have our areas of expertise and this.. read more →

Doers not talkers

It has been over two months since the last post here. There is a good reason for that. It is not because we have died away. In fact it is quite the opposite. read more →

Repap fires in anger

After months of testing, running demos, rebuilding parts and printing trinkets, Mork the reprap has finally been put to use to create a useful part to replace an item. Viv had a shower shelf which normally has two mounting brackets. However one was lost, so he needed to create a replacement bracket, or throw the.. read more →

3D printers: and then there were three

It has been a month of good progress within our Reprap 3D printing project. Within another month we hope to have three Repraps running. Several of us have picked up knowledge from our first printer and are starting to understand many issues related to how to run them efficiently, and what sort of objects they.. read more →

3D Printing Team: Call for members

We need a team of committed people that will turn up to meetings, take an active role in building and (very importantly) documenting the build of the next 2 repraps (Mindy and Vader). We want these 2 to be built in a way that we gain the confidence and skills that will allow us to.. read more →

21 Jun 2012
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RFID garage door opener + OLPC fixing + First hands on Raspberry Pi + Reprap Success

A Great Saturday down at the TechSpace. RFID door opener: We finally connected the RFID reader up as an additional means of entry to the TechSpace. RFID keys work in tandem with the existing “Android phone with pin code” entry method. This is great because RFID is many thousands of times more secure than the.. read more →

26 May 2012
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RFID + Reprap #2

This Wednesdays meet day (11th April) was a huge success! Started out with a Jelly co-working during the day and ended in the Techspace open night. The agenda for this months open night was: Get RFID module working with Arduino. Print more 3D plastic parts for our next 3D RepRap printer. Install RedHat Linux on a powerful.. read more →

Wednesday Meetup: Jelly GC and Reprap

A successful day at the TechSpace: The Jelly started at 8:30. Coby gave an impromptu intro to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Coby also fired up 3 of the 4 rack servers: One has Windows Server already installed and happily running. One had nothing on, so Coby installed Fedora onto it, and then overrode that with.. read more →