KidHack & Mum’s Electronics/Programming Workshops

Some new things Gold Coast Techspace have started: Kidhack We’ve been running Minecraft LAN parties at the TechSpace every couple of weeks for sometime now. We also have a lot of interest from people here on Saturdays in our 3D Printers and other electronics. This coupled with the need for people attending Discovery workshops to.. read more →

Gold Coast Coworking launched!

Gold Coast Coworking is now up and running at our new co-working office at Gold Coast TechSpace in Southport. We have plenty of space with seated and stand up desks, ample parking and internet and of course Air-con and Lockers. Loads of coffee and lunch options here. We’ve had 2 startups launch here last week.. read more →

3D Printing Team: Call for members

We need a team of committed people that will turn up to meetings, take an active role in building and (very importantly) documenting the build of the next 2 repraps (Mindy and Vader). We want these 2 to be built in a way that we gain the confidence and skills that will allow us to.. read more →

21 Jun 2012
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