Fun and games with the STM8 on Linux

After my adventures with the STM32 I decided to give the STM8 a go. The STM8 microcontroller is the 8 bit version from the same manufacturer, similar performance to an Arduino but with much lower power and incredibly cheap. I purchased an STM8S Discovery board for about $10 from element14. It’s an interesting little board,.. read more →

Getting to Blinky with the STM32 and Ubuntu Linux!

After a few years now of doing Arduino, and everyone telling me that I needed to use ARM I thought I would dive right in with a much more powerful board. Now before my fellow Techspacers rush in to jump on the bandwagon…. repeat after me…. “this is not Arduino, this is not Arduino”…. now.. read more →

02 Sep 2014
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Review of Marcus Schappi Crowd-funding event

Silicon Beach & Gold Coast TechSpace were proud to host an event with Marcus Schappi on 27th June at the One 50 Public house in Bundall. The event was sponsored by the City of Gold Coast as part of their visiting entrepreneurs programme and I am very proud of the fact we were able to.. read more →

Gold Coast TechSpace Presidents Report 2013-2014

2013-2014 was my second year as President and this was really the year where TechSpace flourished from an idea into something that can make a real impact on people’s lives. Our year started at our new location in Nind St, Southport. We missed the space of the shed in Johnson St but it sure was.. read more →

Visit to San Francisco Exploratorium

During our recent visit to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Cn Glen Tozer and myself had the pleasure of visiting the San Francisco Exploratorium, There’s a fair bit of relevance and interest to Makers so I thought it was worthy of a blog post here. The Exploratorium is located at Pier 15 in the heart.. read more →

05 Jul 2014
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Our Favourite Podcasts

Podcasts are brilliant – especially if you have a commute. It turns useless time into a learning opportunity! Many of our members listen to podcasts, but many don’t know about them so I am posting some of our favorites here. If you have any more good ones that are tech/engineering based that I should know.. read more →

KidHack & Mum’s Electronics/Programming Workshops

Some new things Gold Coast Techspace have started: Kidhack We’ve been running Minecraft LAN parties at the TechSpace every couple of weeks for sometime now. We also have a lot of interest from people here on Saturdays in our 3D Printers and other electronics. This coupled with the need for people attending Discovery workshops to.. read more →

Gold Coast Coworking launched!

Gold Coast Coworking is now up and running at our new co-working office at Gold Coast TechSpace in Southport. We have plenty of space with seated and stand up desks, ample parking and internet and of course Air-con and Lockers. Loads of coffee and lunch options here. We’ve had 2 startups launch here last week.. read more →

3D Printing Team: Call for members

We need a team of committed people that will turn up to meetings, take an active role in building and (very importantly) documenting the build of the next 2 repraps (Mindy and Vader). We want these 2 to be built in a way that we gain the confidence and skills that will allow us to.. read more →

21 Jun 2012
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