January Open Night: DMD + Arduino

Here’s a DMD connected to an Arduino with a little laser pointer trip wire. When the laser beam is cut the timer starts. When the laser beam is cut again it records a “split”. After 6 splits it will stop the timer and start again. When the arduino boots it gives you 10 seconds to.. read more →

School Holiday “Learning Lego” Programme Announced!

Great news! The Gold Coast TechSpace is hosting another series of Lego workshops during the upcoming school holidays. We will be having two workshops for 7-10 year olds and two workshops for 11-14 year olds. Spaces are very limited so please RSVP and PAY ONLINE as soon as possible. Payments will not be accepted at.. read more →

ROBOTICS with Lego Mindstorms

Leaps and Bounds proudly presents the TechGC July School Holiday Science Program. See below for more detail and to register. Gold Coast TechSpace presents ROBOTICS with Lego Mindstorms Wednesday 4th July Morning Session: 10:30 – 12pm – or – Afternoon Session: 1pm -2:30pm Cost: $15 Venue: GC TechSpace 3b/51 Johnston St, Southport AGES 11-14yrs Get started.. read more →

Door Opener: Code and Documentation

The Code: Arduino #1: Controls the door. Accepts PIN numbers and RFID keys via HTTP. Checks PIN/RFID keys against MySQL server over HTTP. Code: https://github.com/gctechspace/door_opener_arduino_pin Arduino #2: Controls the RFID reader. Passes any read RFID keys to Arduino #1 for processing. Code: https://github.com/gctechspace/door_opener_arduino_rfid PHP/MySQL: Stores the PIN numbers and RFID keys and all the logs of when.. read more →

RFID garage door opener + OLPC fixing + First hands on Raspberry Pi + Reprap Success

A Great Saturday down at the TechSpace. RFID door opener: We finally connected the RFID reader up as an additional means of entry to the TechSpace. RFID keys work in tandem with the existing “Android phone with pin code” entry method. This is great because RFID is many thousands of times more secure than the.. read more →

26 May 2012
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3D Copying

At last Sunday’s Sunday hangout, I used my Xbox Kinect, OpenNI drivers and Reconstructme software (on Windows7) to scan my son Leo in 3D. I used the low-res scanning module, because my latop computer can’t really handle the hi res mode. Then I used Meshlab to do a Poisson recontruction of the mesh which fixes.. read more →

Turning the IR (night time) security camera on automatically

Hey all! I’ve just modified the webcam PHP scripting to detect a dark image. If it detects a dark image it will attempt to turn on the Infra Red lighting, which will make a better image We chose this method over the simple IR timer because the nights we are there late with all the.. read more →

Lego Mindstorm day on the Gold Coast!

What a great day! We will be running another one of these again for sure. Above is a photo of the rubik’s cube solver built out of lego. Here’s a photo of the coloured ball sorter built out of lego: This was a great way to work out some of the mindstorm possibilities. Learning the.. read more →

RFID + Reprap #2

This Wednesdays meet day (11th April) was a huge success! Started out with a Jelly co-working during the day and ended in the Techspace open night. The agenda for this months open night was: Get RFID module working with Arduino. Print more 3D plastic parts for our next 3D RepRap printer. Install RedHat Linux on a powerful.. read more →

Wednesday Meetup: Jelly GC and Reprap

A successful day at the TechSpace: The Jelly started at 8:30. Coby gave an impromptu intro to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Coby also fired up 3 of the 4 rack servers: One has Windows Server already installed and happily running. One had nothing on, so Coby installed Fedora onto it, and then overrode that with.. read more →