Announcing the Smart Tech Discovery Education Program – January 2015

The Smart Tech Discovery Education Program launched! Gold Coast TechSpace is pleased to launch the “Smart Tech Discovery Education Program” today. This program is the result of our Smart Tech Discovery Education Project, whereby several TechSpace members, inspired by past successful past education sessions that a few members have run, have designed a set of education.. read more →

Announcing: The 2014 Hack’nShow at Gold Coast Science and Tech Fair

A celebration of creativity. We want to see lots of tech, from simple and small to …, from lots of people. Why should the community become involved in this year’s Gold Coast Science and Tech Fair? Gold Coast Science and Tech Fairs are the best opportunity for schools and the general public to come together.. read more →

A simple solution with 3d printing – chalk connector

Here is a video made by another new member to TechSpace, showing how 3D printing can provide a nice simple solution to a real problem. In this case, Dianne needed a connector to attach chalk to a telescopic stick that she has. She had not been involved in 3D design or print before. However she.. read more →

Gold Coast Show: another hugely successful event!

Following our success at the Science Fair a few weeks earlier, we are happy to find that we were able to build o what we learned there, and present an even better exhibit at the Gold Coast Show. The Show was held over 3 full days, starting for us at 7am and ending at 8pm... read more →

GC TechSpace at the Gold Coast Science Fair 2013

This year’s Science Fair was a huge success for Gold Coast TechSPace. We were swamped with visitors from when the very first buses of school children arrived at the Fair on Friday morning, until after most other exhibitors had already packed up on Saturday afternoon.. We had a much higher level of awareness of tech.. read more →

Science Fair 2013 Inquiry Sheet

Here are the questions we elicited from attendees at this year’s Science Fair. If you did not fill this in at the Fair, feel free to do so here. read more →

Rehydrate emerges from Startup Weekend

Our very own Steve Dalton has been making a splash in the news (bad, bad pun) with his clever Rehydrate bracelet, which was placed second at the Startup Weekend at Silicon Lakes (right where our new TechSpace was about to move to) on 19-21 July. read more →

Wednesday SIG night – highly productive members’ meetings

Every week the members’ SIG night get more productive. We have completed a few projects by now, and everyone is very busy with more new ones. Most are being worked on by 2 or 3 members, so most present are working on more than one project. We all have our areas of expertise and this.. read more →

GC TechSpace at GovHack 2013

You might have seen on the news that GovHack 2013was run nationally over the weekend. The state capitals and also the Gold Coast had teams compete to create the best software applications based on government data. This was a big opportunity for open source and open data activists to help prise data out of closed.. read more →

Doers not talkers

It has been over two months since the last post here. There is a good reason for that. It is not because we have died away. In fact it is quite the opposite. read more →